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Photovoltaic Surge Protection

DC, Type 1, Iimp 25kA, MOV

DC, Type 1+2, Iimp 7kA

DC, Type 2, Imax 40kA

DC, Type 2, Imax 20kA

DC, Type 2, with LED display

AC Power Surge Protection

Type 1, Iimp 50kA, Spark Gap

Type 1, Iimp 25kA, MOV

Type 1+2, Iimp 12.5kA, MOV

Type 1+2,Imax 60kA,Iimp 7kA

Type 2, Imax 100kA

Type 2, Imax 60kA

Type 2, Imax 40kA

LED lamps surge protection

Signal / Antenna Surge Protection

Lightning Rods & Counters


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